The Big Kinky Event

So just a small update on the Kinky Shenanigans that are about to take place in my life!

Earlier this year I attended my first major event where I really got to explore and see a variety of things first hand. I had so much fun and the experience was very educational. I was very proud of myself due to the fact that I went to this event alone. I accompanied a few friends at some times when ever I ran into them, which lead to me meeting others who I later became pretty close with.

Well guys, you guested it. A very similar event ran by the same people will be hosting what is known as C.O.P.E. This is considered a big event like the ones mentioned in my, “The Kinky Curiosity” post. So far there are over 300 people listed to attend this event and tickets are still being sold. Comment or contact me for more information.

Although I had an AMAZING time at the last major event, I did not participate in any fun festivities, outside of a small flogging and paddling session. This time, all of that will change. I typically like to stay in the back and watch. I like to read body language, feel the energy of the scene or environment, and take mental notes. I’ve never really thought of the day where I would participate in an actual scene until recently. I’ve played a little for educational purposes and I’ve gotten hands-on with quite a few things, but never an intimate, close up and planned out scene. I am generally a very closed off individual when it comes to my sexual side. The closest people in my life are clueless to my desires aside from my most basic wants. There aren’t too many people that can even say they have touched me in any kind of intimate way. Entering into the lifestyle, I was certain that would change, but throughout my time engaged so far, I still have not stumbled upon someone who has provided me with that satisfying energy exchange. I understand that involves my willingness to let a few guards down and being open to exploring more on a physical level.  Hopefully those are some things I can get past this time around.

It is a 3 day event and there will be so much to see and do. The energy will be very intense and I am prepared for it. Last event left me drained and deep into my head space. All things that can be taken care of with proper aftercare. Whether it be self care or care provided by the top. I did both and have found that after care is something I use to run from but can’t deny that it helps me tremendously.

I look forward to attending it with some amazing friends of mine that I met at the last event. I have familiarized myself with them, their work, and how they operate. I trust them and am more than comfortable with them as well, to try and push past some of these walls. I expect nothing but good things and to just simply have fun, learn, and explore. I have agreed to take on a role that puts me at peace and makes me feel secure. A role that I fit into like a glove and am pretty confident in. So I am hoping for the best.

I will be updating you guys on new things I have tried and maybe even a quick story time. Stay tuned and feel free to comment and ask all the questions you would like 🙂

-Black Kitten



The Kinky Curiosity…

First things first, my apologies for not posting in a while. My work schedule has gotten hectic lately. But no worries, all is well and I will do better on updating in a timely manner.

With that being said, I would like today’s post to focus on our new comers or any potential new comers that would be interested. So if you are new or know of any vanillas that would enjoy this quick read, feel free to share or invite them to follow.

I woke up to a few questions and comments from new kinksters regarding their exploration into the lifestyle. I would like to address a few of those, as well as give a little insight into my journey. Mind you, I still consider myself to be pretty fresh into the life and have lots to learn.

This journey is definitely an adventure and a thrilling ride, all in one! You will begin to learn yourself in new ways, as I have, and see the world from a new perspective. I personally came into this lifestyle looking for one thing, and one thing only. I am one curious kitten and have always been. This alone has resulted in me gratefully flourishing into an open minded woman with more sides to her than anyone could ever imagine ;P

If there were anything I could tell a vanilla entering into the lifestyle from where I stand, it would be to come into this experience with an open mind, positive attitude, and have a honest idea of who you are and what you desire. As stated in my tagline, Your Guilty Pleasure Is What Makes Your Kink. Knowing what you like, what turns you on, and what you don’t like are all important aspects that are vital to, not only your safety, but your ability to have a positive experience. Being open and upfront about your kinks with yourself or a partner is also important. For a while, I kept my likes and desires to myself out of fear of them being taboo or not fitting in with social norms. It is still something I am working on currently. Finding like-minded people in the lifestyle has been the most beneficial action I could have taken and not to mention, a tremendous stress reliever. This takes the load of exploring all of this alone, off your shoulders. It has given me a huge confidence boost. I would strongly suggest going out and participating in your local munches and events to gain those relationships and make those connections. This will open the door for you to attend bigger events. Oh what fun those are !

Keep in mind that kink is an investment, like any relationship or new phase in our lives. It is not a game, a hobby, or something you participate in because a certain movie left you hot and bothered. This a LIFESTYLE. Meaning, you will feel the affects of it mentally, emotionally, and physically ;P

One of the first things I always encourage people to do upon entering the lifestyle is RESEARCH. I can’t stress it enough. Please please please do your research. It is always alright to ask questions, but make sure to match that with putting effort into exploring. There are plenty of books, articles, blogs (hehe), YouTube channels, and so on, that can teach you the foundation. Learning the basic terminology and their meanings, is where I would start. From there you can kind of get a feel for what role you may feel you operate well in. At the very least, take the the notorious BDSM test. That can be found on Google.

So these are some basic steps to a smooth transition into the world of kink. Feel free to comment more suggestions on ways to make entering the lifestyle a positive experience, or to simply share your thoughts and questions.

Make sure you guys follow the social media posted at the top of the main page. This way you can stay up to date with new post, send in questions, view new pictures, and more ! I look forward to hearing from you guys.

-Black Kitten


That One Dark Corner


I want to be craved…

I want to be wanted…

I want to know someone is thinking of me…

I want to know I turn someone on….

I want to be loved….

I want to be fucked…

I want to be held…

I want to be heard…

Even when I don’t speak…

Even when I turn away…

I want to know Im worth fighting for…

I want to be priority….

I want to be made assured that im worth something….

I want to feel safe…

I want to be fought for…

I want attention…

I’m Tired. I’m Giving Up Hope. I’m Closing Off. My Light Is Going Out.

-Black Kitten

The Transition

Over these past few months, my journey into this new lifestyle has been a great experience. I have made many good friends and been to some amazing events! The learning process has kept me constantly on my toes and waiting for more. The energy that runs through my body just talking it is truly unbelievable.  It has been an experience that I never feel the need to hide, with exceptional cases of course.

I have found that this transition from being a naturally dominant woman to the complete opposite, has been challenging but also refreshing all in one. My mindset has been completely alerted and new focuses have taken over. All in a good way. Working on my patience with my tops has been the most challenging obstacle yet. Learning to move at their pace and on their timeline was a hard pill to swallow. It got me in trouble a few times, but I am doing better.

For those of you who have some experience, no matter how much, talk a little about your transition from the vanilla world over to the kink world. What were some of the hardest concepts to grasp?

-Black Kitten

Tired Of Being Censored.


Explore Me. I may resist. But don’t give up. I want to feel every touch on every part. She likes a challenge. Being A Brat Means Nothing To Her And I Love It. Take your time. I cleared my schedule just for you. I want to submit to you. I want to see what you can do with my small frame. How many ways you can flip me, tie me, and hit me. My day dreams are becoming more vivid and reoccurring. My body is jumping at the thought of you and on fire when I Talk to you. You know who you are. Distance is a bitch. But with an imagination like mine, I’ll be okay for a while. This kitten just wants play time with you. I’ve been a good girl. Stop making me wait. No boundaries. Ugh I hate boundaries. What are boundaries? I’m glad you keep away from me, bc one taste of me and I promise I could change your life. Don’t be afraid to crave me. This Sunny girl craves you more than you’ll ever know. I’m coming for you, and I hope you’re ready to put me in my place. I need it. And you know just how to mold me. How’s that for a bat signal 😉

-Black Kitten

Who Am I Working With?

Now that you guys have had time to explore, I would like to get to know who my audience is! This topic is quite new but I can assure you that the lifestyle is no new concept. Some of us play different roles in the lifestyle and I am interested in knowing what those roles are! So, please feel free to share them below. Ideally I am just looking for the basics of your role, age, general location, and if you currently have a partner. All of these listed are of course optional to answer and I encourage sharing as much or as little as you would like. I am also interested in hearing about what brought you to the lifestyle and how long you have been involved. Don’t be afraid to comment on other’s post and mingle.

For those that are not in the lifestyle quite yet and wish to know more or just here to explore, what ever the case may be, I still encourage you to reach out and mingle with others. Make friends, ask questions, and share! What brings you to this blog? What makes you interested in this lifestyle or BDSM in general?

I am also open to looking into some of you guy’s blogs myself, so if you are open to it, give me a brief description of what your blog is about.

Hope to hear from you all 🙂

-Black Kitten

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